About Onesies® brand

For over 35 years, ONESIES® Brand products have been a trusted staple in baby wardrobes. As the brand has expanded over the years to cover a variety of products, the trusted quality has remained the same.  Today, the ONESIES® Brand encompasses not only bodysuits for babies but also a line of quality mix ‘n match separates including pants, caps, mittens and socks to meet the needs of today’s families and their lifestyles.

How To Use Our Trademark

Below are guidelines for the proper use of the ONESIES® trademark, which assist us in safeguarding the integrity of the Brand and help to protect consumers from confusion by products being incorrectly marketed under the ONESIES® Brand:

1.  Use the ONESIES® mark only in connection with genuine ONESIES® garments, identified with a genuine ONESIES® tab on the product.  Identify non-ONESIES® brand products by their common terms, including “bodysuit”, “pants”, and so forth.

2.  When referring to genuine ONESIES® brand products, use the registration symbol (®) and the word "brand" directly following the trademark.  Where possible, capitalize the mark.  Example: “ONESIES® brand.”

3.  Follow the word "brand” with the correct generic term for the item.  For example, you might say, "Our ONESIES® brand pants feature a covered elastic waistband for comfort.“

4.  Always use the ONESIES® mark as an adjective, and never as a noun or a verb.  When referring to non-ONESIES® brand products, do not use the ONESIES® mark.  Examples:

                Incorrect: “I like dressing my baby in onesies because they are easy to use.”

                Correct: “I like dressing my baby in ONESIES® brand products because they are easy to use.”

                Incorrect: “Mom likes using onesies for her baby.”

                Correct: “Mom likes using bodysuits for her baby.”

5.   Where possible, include a trademark notice that says: "ONESIES® is a registered trademark of Gerber Childrenswear LLC."

* ONESIES is a registered trademark owned by Gerber Childrenswear LLC – (U.S. federal trademark registration numbers 1,292,981, 2,549,557 and 3,488,401).