2-Pack Baby Neutral Lamb Gowns

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2-Pack Baby Neutral Lamb Gowns-Gerber Childrenswear Wholesale

2-Pack Baby Neutral Lamb Gowns

Product Description

Bedtimes a breeze with this 2-pack of baby gowns! Each baby gown is made with cotton rib. This cotton fabric is soft and breathable. Its a perfect and safe fabric for babys delicate skin. We had this product independently certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX so that you dont have to worry about harmful substances in your babys clothing. These baby nightgowns feature expandable lap shoulder neckline which allow the garment to be put on and taken off with the utmost ease. The baby gowns also feature mitten cuffs to prevent accidental scratches. The open bottoms of these baby gowns allow for convenient and quick diaper changes. This is great for during the middle of the night, especially when baby is young and wakes many times throughout the night. These gowns are perfect to use as baby pajamas and comply with safe sleeping standards. Each gown may be run safely through the washing machine and the dryer to keep laundry as simple as possible. Gerber® offers products that parents can trust to be safe and comfortable for baby while also bringing convenience and joy to their lives.

  • Each RSU Includes two baby gowns
  • Features mitten cuffs to prevent accidental scratches
  • Expandable lap shoulder neckline and open bottom for convenient changes
  • Art is screenrpint and puffprint
  • OEKO-TEX Certification Number: 16.HIN.94317 HOHENSTEIN HTTI
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • machine wash, tumble dry